Monday, June 21, 2010

Whose Detention Camps?

Rex84.  Executive orders.  It seems clear, there are detention camps set up

throughout the country. On doing a little research,  I found stories and

articles that pointed the finger of blame towards opposite groups. 

It seems like whose to blame is based on who's doing the blaming and when?

Early on, it was Bush's fault. Republicans trying to enslave everybody.

Now it's the liberals, the Democrat's who want to lock up Christians.

Which is more important? Who built them, who's running them now or the very fact

that they exist.

This should concern everybody.  Regardless of politics.

I could understand building facilities as needed.  But to have this many just

waiting?  For Who?

Somebody knows what the current plan is.  Throw in the National Police force,

United Nations policy on private property and FEMA.  Stir it all up and add a

dash more Executive Orders and ..... phew.....  this stinks.....

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