Tuesday, June 15, 2010


 We all know the words"....give us your tired, give your poor....".  The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island. The first first American soil immigrants touched.

Those future citizens wanted to be Americans.  they gave up their homes, families and lives in other countries to taste the freedom and opportunity that was only available here.  they became Americans. By definition a melting pot of others.

They learned the language, customs, traditions.  They became part of it all.  They were Americans.

Where are they today?  It seems everybody is a dash American.  (well not everyone.  not me)  Black-, Native-, Chinese-  the list is endless. I didn't know that American was a term used to describe any one race, creed , color or any other distinction. 

Is anyone smart enough to establish a correlation between the dash American phenomenom  and problems we have now? 

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