Wednesday, June 16, 2010

R Wii Getting Lazy?

I was just reading Daydream Believer (  She made an observation about an adjustable reading valet.  In essence, how lazy we are getting?   She's right.

In a society where the "Fat Police" may soon be  a reality, where there have been proposed "sin taxes" on fatty foods, and suggestion that all meals for kids should be issued by the government in schools, we are getting  lazier.

Modern conveniences were a boon. t hey helped relieve us from the mundane, freeing us to grow as a culture, as a people.   It was always implied that now we could use our minds not our backs.  All of that came to pass.  But now we are on the precipice.  Do we go sliding down the slope to the point where we end up floating in chairs , never leaving our homes?  Our bodies deteriorating to lumps of tissue, only there to house our brains .  Wasn't that a point from the movie Wall-E?

We do a lot of shopping over the internet,  research ( when was the last time you  just stepped" into a library?), entertainment and work. Conferences from home , banking , ordering goods and services and socializing.  Convenient.  You don't even have to get out of your chair. Not even to meet the man or woman of yours dreams.

And why should you?  Get the right system and you can be at the game or concert.  Without all the hassles or aggrevations.  And now interactive gaming precludes physical participation in outside activities.  You can sit on a pad in your house, with a little controller in your hand, working out, playing baseball, golfing  etc.

We text, often shortening the words, using symbols because it takes too long to type it all.  When they develop a way to work directly from our brains we want even need a body.

So as our bodies deteriorate and become useless appendages for carrying our brains, will we expand our mind to the questions of the cosmos? Will we become great thinkers and philosophers ?  Will we fulfill our great potential as intelects?

Or......R Wii just Getting Lazy ?

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