Thursday, June 17, 2010

EU to give approval to sanctions

Yes sir.  I bet the Iranians are shaking today.  The EU is set to approve sanctions against them..  Combined with all the devastating  power of UN sanctions,  well….. I expect to hear of Iranian capitulation any day now.

Well….. That is…. unless they decide to just ignore them.  Simply act as if they don’t exist.  Identical to how they treat UN sanctions.  Of course, I’m probably wrong.  They wouldn’t do that? Would They?

Of course they will.  

I ..would laugh at EU sanctions.  If the UN can’t do what it was chartered for , how can they?  Or are they the new and improved UN?  Are we seeing the beginning of a turf war building?  Will the EU now try to recreate the  Oil for Food scandal  with Iran as a partner?

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