Sunday, June 20, 2010

AMERICA. The Land of the Free?

It's starting to look like we will have to redo our advertising campaign.   That's what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution really are.  Advertisements for a new way of life .  In 1787 in Convention, the states proposed ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America.  The first 10 Amendments, know collectively as the Bill of Rights, were ratified Dec 15, 1791.  The world looked upon this and influx began. 

We advertised freedom and the world rushed to partake in this grand experiment.  All in all,   those that bought into our product, were happy.  Here , they were able to live  the American Dream. 

Product satisfaction.  Freedom and peace, opportunity to grow and prosper, free from oppression. This is what we sold to the world.

Today, it's becoming false advertising .  The government is taking more and more control of things.  Of course it goes without saying that we are told that it's all for our own good.  Whats the loss of a little freedom to be safe?  The Patriot Act was scary enough, but it had checks and balances and a limited life span built in.  But,  as we look on a National Police force and Detention Camps  already in existence here in this country,   what are the safeguards.   If there are no Freedoms anymore except what the government allows us to have, then isn't the Constitution now false advertising?

If there is such an outcry about the terrorist detention camps, who are the alleged 600 to 800 camps for?  The ones that have reportedly been established in Montana and other places.  Remember, Montana is our third largest state with a low density population.  Lot of out of the way places.   Nobody around.

Who's freedom are we going to take away , here?  Who are they intended for?  Have we forgotten the craziness after Pearl Harbor, when west coast Japanese were interned?   Just because.  Who are we going to put in these camps?

Considering that this administration began immediately denouncing any who said anything against Obama's tactics.  Plus the fact that President Obama's desire for a National Police force, on par with the military. Who is the enemy , that he expects to be fighting?    These tend to worry me.

More to Follow.....


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