Tuesday, June 22, 2010

STATES RIGHTS? Constitutionality?

The Obama administration is threatening to sue the state of Arizona over it's recently passed immigration laws.  It is the administration's contention that the federal government holds jurisdiction  here. 

What makes them think that?  The United States Constitution does not give that power to the federal government. It does give them the power and responsibility to make uniform rules of naturalization.  That gives the power for everything else to the States.   Unless we have passed an Amendment,  its always been this way.

The States can sue for help from the federal government if necessary.  Arizona learned that they were going to be sued and that troops were being sent to help at almost the same time.  From an interview given by Hillary Clinton to an Ecuadorean news service.  I would have thought they would have learned it from our government. Wait...   we do have a Democrat Administration and congress...... that means that  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer did learn from an administration source when she heard the news on CNN.

The last time we started taking away States rights, what happened?  Anybody remember?   Of course the President could do an Executive Order or declare an emergency........ Maybe all the immigrants could go to the detainment camps, excuse me "Civilian Inmate Labor Camps".   or, hell, just anybody that disagrees with this administration.   

It may not be Constitutional, but hey,  that kind of thinking doesn't seem at home around this and other issues.  Unless they are trying to stop something, I don't think they care about the Constitution.  And now , unless somebody can show me different,  they aren't even bothering to get the facts right.

Go figure........

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