Friday, June 18, 2010

Inmate Requested Firing Squad

Utah  fulfilled one of the last request of a convicted killer today, when the executed him by firing squad.  My sympathies go out to the innocent members of the families.

But this morning,  the media,  the ACLU and probably a multitude of other groups, will get there names in the papers and on tv as they bemoan the methodology for this man's execution.

The executee chose this method.  Asked for it by name.  Once convicted, it was one of his last requests.   He and his attorneys tried hard to get his sentence commuted or overthrown.  But, I don't see where he tried to change the methodology.  If he wasn't complaining , why should others?  Remember he chose how to go out and he knew when it would happened.   His victims didn't get that chance.

As the outcry is sounded over this "barbaric"  form of execution , the media should remember what this is really all about.

This was about this man's victims and him.  And their families.  Nothing else.

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