Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It looks as if most of the complaints against the Arizona Immigration Law are directed toward the misuse of power by the law enforcement.  Having to carry papers.  Possibility of being stopped because you look like a possible illegal. Profiling.   Unless you're the Administration,  these are probably the biggest areas of concern.

They are legitimate concerns.  But the reality is,  what are we to do?  We give drivers licensees, welfare etc to illegal aliens.  All the benefits of being a citizen , without the responsibilities.  Meanwhile we cut back on other services.

Look if the illegal aliens crossing the border were all from Canada or Iceland or.....   We would stop only white guys to check them out.   They are not.  They are typically of Hispanic ethnicity.  Why?  Because the border is right there!  Throw in drugs and who else is law enforcement going to stop?

All citizens, especially those who have done the work to become Americans, should support control over this problem.  Pay attention.  Watch for abuses.  Train your people properly.   Have safeguards.

But how can you try to solve a problem? Without identifying the problem?

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