Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BP's gift to President Obama

I'm not talking about directly.  I'm talking about President Obama's chance to beat up on a huge corporation.  His chance to carry out an attack against those evil, greedy bastards who would dare to want to drill for oil.

Please give me a break.  Has common sense been thrown so far away that we can't see what's going on?  Liberals, environmentalist and other ilk,  see this as a perfect opportunity.

To do what?  Go back to the stone age, back to gas lamps and horse drawn buggies?  If you were beaten up in the press , vilified and accused of every sort of vile corruption known to man, would you keep doing your job?  And let's don't forget being regulated to impotency.

That may be the reason that BP an others spent so much money on contributions to candidates.  Reportedly, the largest beneficiary of this largess since 1990, was Barack Obama.

So how does this add up? If he got the most money, he would be on their side .  Right?

Not necessarily.   We don't know who else may be in the wings.  Or in the background.  I feel, strongly, that someone is pulling some strings.

We do know that Obama doesn't care what the majority of Americans think.  The so called Health Care Bill proves that.  

But this oil spill takes everybody's mind off things like that.  By beating up on BP, Obama looks good to all his liberal ilk.  In addition, other programs and strategies can be moved forward under cover.

While, I don't believe in most conspiracies, the cries for FEMA are disturbing.  Once they really get started, watch out.  They have more power that any organization in our history.   Back them with an armed force (ieNational Police Force) and One more Executive Order, and every personal liberty our Constitution guaranties is gone for the duration.

Conspiricy blogs are full of rumors of  people being evacuated because of the oil spill. Moved to camps.  For their own good, of course.    Is it smoky in here?

Even if the extremes are wrong,  we know this Administration thinks the government should run everything.  That what FEMA will do , take over everything.  I mean everything.  They have the authority to take over all industry, food production and distribution.   Labor, law enforcement, your salaries.  All services.   A lot of power in one organizations hands.

We have a few more years to find out how much this gift by BP will mean to President Obama.  That's assuming we are still allowed to vote then.  And are still here.

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