Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soldier of God. Insane? Soldier of Allah. Dedicated?

Reading about the man who went to Pakistan to kill bin Laden,  I was struck by the tone attributed to his  comments  concerning God..  Nothing overt,  just an underlying tone.  Obviously, to many,  anyone who claims to be following orders from God , must be irrational, mentally unstable.  Right?

This gentlemen  might be unstable or just overzealous.  That's not the point.  He could be right.  Again, that's not the point

If he had said he was following the orders of Allah,  well... he's  dedicated, committed to his cause.  The question of sanity or implication of insanity , would never come up.  Have you ever seen or read or heard anyone suggest  that the 9/11 terrorist were "not all there"?

I don't know whether this disparity  is more a question of religious  differences, or a question of  mainstream media bias.  I suppose it could be pandering to certain elements for ulterior motives.   I don't know why this slant is there, But, it's there.

My real question.  Media Bias or pandering to gain favor  from Muslims, or any of a dozen other scenarios,  which one is any better that the other?   And why do we put up with it?

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