Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FEMA and theOil Spill

The call for FEMA has gone out.   They are the people to get the job done. ETC  ETC ETC.

Interesting. They did a bad job at Katrina and Ike (I'm from Texas).  What has changed?   Are they now our saviors in times of disaster?   Have they put on leotards and a cape?

I don't know about that.  I do know that they have the ability to seize control of our everyday life whenever they deems it is necessary.  During an emergency. They can throw the Constitution out and all of our rights.    Question.  Who declares the emergency?  Or, when its over?

Were you aware that the Homeland Security Grant Program is administered and money given out to states etc only through FEMA?

FEMA is only supposed to enter a situation after the individual state or states have declared an emergency and requested federal aid.  Does anyone believe that's the way it's leading?

Have all the FEMA "failures " of the past made us blind to this huge bureaucracy and the potential abuses?  Do we just give them their head?  While thinking, we need them to help, it will be ok.  They are the government after all.

Of course, the government wouldn't do anything wrong, would it?

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