Tuesday, June 29, 2010

North Korea and South Korea

On the 25th of June 1950 North Korea crossed the 38th parallel and the Korean War


An Armistice was signed on July 27, 1953.  In that period the United States lost

over 25,600 men and United Nations members lost an additional 17,000 plus.

As history has proven,  North Korea was urged, prodded and supported by China and

Russia.  The possibility of a nuclear war was a determining factor in how the war

was fought and in bringing an end to active hostilities.

I say this because the war is not over. 

Today, as we worry about Iran  (and rightly so) and it's nuclear program, we tend

to gloss over North Korea's nuclear program. 

Yes, it's been reported on and  Yes, most sane people understand the nature of

nuclear weapons.  But , most of us believe in the sanctity of life.   That is not

traditionally the view of the North Koreans or of the Chinese.  Perhaps it's not

important when you have a population  of over a billion.

We know that the North Koreans have nuclear weapons. Even if they did did it on

their own, without help from the Chinese.  And if you believe that,  please send me

money and I'll invest it for you, I promise.

It is reliably believe that Kim Jong-il, the leader of North Korea, ordered or

authorized the sinking of a South Korean warship at the border area between North

and South Korea.  It's believed by some that this is to help seal his son's

accendency to leadership.

Tensions are mounting. In May Kim Jong-il was in China.

So, we have a war that never ended.  And a border incident.

Look at historical reasons for going to war, economics, natural resources, land or

room to expand, politics and revenge.

Common sense tells me that with it's huge populace, economic issues, low value on

life and it's sense on the world stage(look at the Olympics),  China  may have more

than one reason.  And using their surrogates, North Korea, would be easy.  Kim

Jong-il is not know for being level headed.  A war , however short, might seem a

good way to cement his son's position, slap us in the face and please an ever

growing China.

President Obama has publicly indicated, that we would not use nuclear weapons.

This was in April.  The North Koreans sank the South Korean Ship in May.


While the world is watching us in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is developing nuclear


While we are watching Iran, North Korea becomes a nuclear power.

So Now we have two countries who have publicly stated their willingness to use

these weapons.  They each have their reasons,  whether we agree with them not.

And we are caught in the middle.  In a so called "Holy war"  in the Middle East and

a war never ended in Korea.

The term "divide and conquer"  comes to mind.  Add to that our on internal

destruction of the core values that made this country great,  and I keep coming

back to Revelations.  The End of Days.  Take out the religious aspect and just look

at it as a scenario. 

The Bible says the world as we know it will be destroyed by fire.  What would you

call a nuclear war?

I don't have answer or suggestions.  But it bears thinking on, doesn't it?


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