Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Identity Theft and Craiglist

Identity Theft and Craiglist

Several months ago, I answered and e-mail from what I thought was my email provider.  i only answered after repeated attempts.  As a consequence, I was blocked out of my 13 year old account.  The perpetrators tried to scam all my contacts , stole my identity and cleaned out my bank account.

So, I learned the hard way.  Because of this, I have been forced to put  a prize
possession, up for sale.  I am broke, so I looked for various ways to advertise.

I place an ad on Craigslist.  Every body's heard the name.  I have even used it when I was looking for different things.

Since I placed the ad,  I have received more that 50 emails concerning the item.  I can honestly say that not one of them is legitimate.  they are, in fact, attempts to get information from me.

How can I say that? 

First they will have a link in the text and will ask if you will trade for this or is you ora anything thing to get you to go to that link.  Once there, you are led to believe that you are at the craigslist login page.  It isn't.  I have bitten, but I am positive that once you log on that page , they got you.

They now can get into your account and get other info that will allow them to STEAL FROM YOU.

One of the other scams is telling you that they need to send a cashier check and need information to send it.  DON'T.

When you suggest talking on the phone,  Oh I'm deaf or my doctor told me not to talk on the phone.

One of my favorites is ,  I'm not in your state, but somebody owes me money.  They'll give you a cashier, you give them the difference, when you deposit the check and then I'll get the item.  SCAM.

First cashier checks used to be consider like gold.  Not anymore.  I've dealt with legitimate cashiers checks recently and they take a week to 10 days to clear.  Mainly due to this kind of scam . And if it doesn't, you are  responsible.

Craigslist does give out info on scams.  It is a shame on society, I guess, but really on individuals.  Be aware of anyone asking for info.  You don't know who to trust nowadays.

I consider the shame on me when I fell for it.  It took several months of the same email before I did. And I never believe the telephone one.  But somebody must be or they wouldn't keep it up.

Just a word to the wise.

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