Thursday, July 1, 2010

Al Gore , the "Wooden Man"

Well the man know for being "wooden"  is back.

Now everyone knows he was accused  of sexual misconduct.  4 yrs ago.  The case is being reopened.  The story was just broken by the National Enquirer.  Years ago , it would have been a joke because of that.  But. remember they were the first to break the John Edwards story.

Go here and you can see the documents

What's the old saying? Still waters run deep.

We do know that the Gore's are separated or are in the process.

Remember when Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual misconduct? Investigated by the FBI, who found no evidence?  What was said then?  Oh yea,  something along the lines of... the charges are so important that we have to investigate more. 

Do you think there will be an outcry from women's groups? Or will they keep there mouths shut, like they did for Clinton?

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